studio manager - wf 

SOBBACYCLE is searching for a Studio Manager who will propel the company forward by managing the Whitefish studio successfully and efficiently. This candidate will lead their team and embody the company culture as the face of the business. As the manager, this person will be able to solve problems creatively, exemplify organization, and operate the studio independently. The optimal candidate will have a passion for the SOBBACYCLE brand and take an active interest in the growth of the company. The ideal manager demonstrates tenacity, integrity, and self-determination. Their drive to succeed will be the ultimate determinant of the health and growth of this business.


  • Share and promote our company culture that empowers staff and riders to reach their highest potential

  • Exemplify hospitality by providing excellent support to riders as well as staff, and instill this mentality in the team around you

  • Show enthusiasm for the brand in interactions with riders and community members, and use this to develop relationships within the SOBBACYCLE community

business iq

  • Work with ownership and staff to create business plans to optimize studio function

  • Engage with businesses and organizations in the local community to increase brand awareness and expand brand partnerships

  • Coordinate scheduling and staffing of studio for front of house staff

  • Identify potential growth opportunities and community initiatives to further the SOBBACYCLE mission

  • Create and enforce company policy in order to establish company norms

team building

  • Embody a positive attitude in order to set the example for the team around you

  • Be a resource for staffs’ questions, comments, and concerns inside and outside of the studio 

  • Hire and train front of house employees in company function and policy

  • Provide feedback to ownership regarding the successes and struggles of employees

problem solving ingenuity

  • Operate the Whitefish studio in a self-sustaining and independent fashion

  • Autonomously identify and solve challenges that arise during normal studio operation

  • Communicate and coordinate with ownership to tackle difficult situations

  • Exemplify a proactive mindset that minimizes conflict and strives for solutions

  • Create and maintain organizational procedures that prevent studio problems.

roles & responsibilities

  • Previous customer service experience required, managerial experience preferred

  • Must demonstrate exceptional hospitality and customer service skills

  • Superior organizational abilities in order to complete challenges under time constraints

  • Be willing to adapt to unconventional scheduling including weekends, early mornings, evenings, and holidays

  • Must communicate proactively and transparently with all team members, customers, and ownership


  • Competitive compensation

  • Discounted company retail

  • Full access to SOBBACYCLE classes

  • Growth opportunities within the company



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-An instructor shows up for a class 2 minutes before class time (our policy is 15-20 minutes ahead of scheduled class time) and clients are starting to worry. No one at the desk is trained or able to teach class. -One of your desk staff closes and leaves the studio a mess (floor clearly not swept, stains on the counter, etc.). -A rider calls to complain about their class experience. -You make a significant mistake during your time working with SOBBACYCLE that leaves both ownership and staff upset.
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